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Martin Grove Rd

High quality, efficient work to our Martin Grove Rd customers

Experts fix power problems in homes and wire entire buildings including:


install wall plug for microwave
loss of power emergency
3-Way switch in Etobicoke
flickering lights
landscape & outdoor GFCIs
power fault, microwave failure
garbage disposal or garburator
dryer is not working
EV charger and garage wiring
outage problem repair
new plug installation

balancing of overloaded circuits
repair wiring in Toronto
ballast, lamp, tube replacement
glitch, fault, stoppage
exterior and underground cabling
breakdown, machine malfunction
110 V, 240 V, 208V, 600V circuits
add a plug or outlet in showroom
equipment stopped working
machine receptacle installation
40 Amp or 15 Amp stove plug

Martin Grove Rd licensed and experienced residential and commercial electricians


(647) 800-5466
NO calls after 7 pm please