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Urgent problem termination

We are well qualified to meet customers' needs for a reliable service

Are you starting a construction project from the ground up, need upgrade or remodeling
of an existing property? We will make the work done the right, fast and safe way

Licensed PROs quickly solve power failures in homes


Repair faults & do wiring in buildings including:


Home rewiring
Washer and dryer
Replace appliance outlets
Indoor outlet power out repair
Laundry room outlet
Kitchen light fixture
Microwave is not working
High quality LED lighting
Run wire to dishwasher

Light installation in stores
Add workstation outlets in office
Emergencies in Toronto & Etobicoke
Power down, power off, fix lost electricity
Transformers for building & warehouse
Stove does not work in Mississauga
Track light some heads are out
Showroom lighting. Overloaded circuits
Commercial plug, switch, light installation
Wiring to signs and displays

Rely on our licensed and experienced residential and commercial electricians to fulfill your plans surpassing quality expectations


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