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Urgent repairs, small jobs, minor non-urgent fixes

We fix, eliminate, repair, or resolve 80% of all faults, failures and emergencies in 40 minutes or less!

     (647) 800-5466

We carry fuses, breakers, spare parts and materials in the service vehicles. You should not pay $50 to $200 more for shopping time just because another journeyman did not have that particular replacement part available

Etobicoke emergency electrician is a professional electrical contractor. We invite you to join our community of satisfied and/or happy customers

This website is specifically designed for residential and commercial customers with small troubleshooting needs in Etobicoke. From 5 minute minor adjustment, to 10 minute quick installation, to 30 minute repair. And solving tiny but annoying problems - we do them all

It's a leading place for homeowners to easily and quickly find experienced PRO on Saturday, Sunday or long weekend

(647) 800-5466

We do large jobs as well:

remodel department store lighting
Restaurant, warehouse and building
lighting, distribution system remodeling
Etobicoke house renovation and rewiring
improve supermarket lighting - LED retrofit
warehouse system partial or complete upgrades
home power out repair building power off problem

We service Toronto and Mississauga as well

swimming pool, no power, home emergency, restore house, store voltage outage, repair condo, out of power building or factory fault